Robot Development Engineering Laboratory, RDE
Kumagai Lab.

Department of Mechanical Engineering and Intelligent Systems, Faculty of Engineering, Tohoku Gakuin University

RDE Edu.
Lecture notes
RDE Dev.
Research and Development section
All of contents are written in Japanese.
Mainly written in Japanese.
Research works
Robot implementation [english]
  • Biped robots
  • Wheeled robots
  • Inverted pendulum based
  • Image processing

Technical Documents
RDE Lib.
Software service and libraries
All contents are written in Japanese.
RDE Info.
Laboratory information
Chatting room



Room 2204, 2nd building in Tohoku Gakuin Tagajo campus,
Chuo 1-13-1, Tagajo city, Miyagi prefecture, Japan.
ZIP: 985-8537 (JP)
Phone: +81-22-368-7358
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